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Lisfranc Injuries

The tarsometatarsal joint is a major joint complex found in the middle of the foot. It is also refered to as Lisfranc joint. Deformities of the tarsometatarsal complex can be due to arthritis or trauma.

Tarsometatarsal trauma is characterized by pain, functional impairment and midfoot instability. The appearance of bruises and swelling in the area surrounding the midfoot are commonly observed symptoms. The usual evaluation of this type of injury involves basic Xrays, and a CT or MRI may be obtained to provide more information about your condition.

Lisfranc injuries/fractures are complex, and are highly underdiagnosed condition. It is critical to recognize the injury in order to prevent persistent instability of the midfoot, arthritis and deformities.

Surgical treatment of this condition involves realigning the displaced or unstable bones in a position that allows them to heal appropriately.

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